Fuel Cell Vehicle System Components

The objective of the project is the research on of low-cost components for fuel cell (FC-) systems and electric drive systems which can be used in future hybridised FC-vehicles (medium term objective) and ICE vehicles.

a European commission
funded project coordinated
by Daimler AG

Project partners - Institutes

ENEA (Italy)

visit website ENEA is a governmental scientific research and technology development organization with vast, internationally recognised experience in conducting advanced research programmes and implementing complex projects in the fields of research and innovation for the sustainable development and environment safeguard. ENEA covers a variety of fields of competence with approximately 3500 employees, most researchers and engineers operating in eleven research centres located across Italy. In the field of transport many programs on batteries, fuel cells and advanced vehicles are underway, also in co-operation with industry, academic institutions and research organisations at national and international level. Since mid-80ís ENEA is conducting R&D Programs on lithium technologies (mainly, lithium metal with polymer components) for mobile and consumer applications. One qualifying aspect has been the creation of a variety of test facilities for testing components and complete systems and developing test procedures.

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