Fuel Cell Vehicle System Components

The objective of the project is the research on of low-cost components for fuel cell (FC-) systems and electric drive systems which can be used in future hybridised FC-vehicles (medium term objective) and ICE vehicles.

a European commission
funded project coordinated
by Daimler AG

Project partners - Institutes

TNO Automotive (NL)

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TNO Automotive is one of the 15 institutes within the TNO organisation and provides confidential and objective R&D services to assist the automotive industry in producing safer, cleaner and more efficient vehicles concentrating on vehicle dynamics, powertrains, crash safety and advanced chassis and transport systems. Within TNO, synergetic relationships between the various research groups are highly valued. The ability to take a multidisciplinary approach is one of the key strengths.

TNO Automotive has extensive experience in the field of accident scenarios, intelligent safety systems and both virtual as experimental testing. Modelling is one of the key compentences within the safety department.

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