Fuel Cell Vehicle System Components

The objective of the project is the research on of low-cost components for fuel cell (FC-) systems and electric drive systems which can be used in future hybridised FC-vehicles (medium term objective) and ICE vehicles.

a European commission
funded project coordinated
by Daimler AG

Project partners - OEMs

Regienov (Renault) (G.I.E Regienov)

visit websiteThe group's business activities are divided into two main areas: the Automobile division, which handles design, manufacture and marketing of vehicles, and the Sales Financing division, closely linked to the group's sales activities.
The Renault group has over 350 industrial and commercial sites in over 40 countries, and employs 130,740 people worldwide. In 2003, the group generated revenues of EUR37.5 billion, an increase of 3.8%. The group's profitable growth strategy is based on three main priorities: competitiveness, innovation and international development. Renault's bi-national alliance with Nissan - 5,357,315 vehicles sold in 2003, one of the world's top five automobile manufacturers - is part and parcel of this strategy.

Automobile division The group's Automobile division consists of the Renault, Samsung (South Korea) and Dacia (Romania) brands. It designs, develops and markets passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. In 2003, the division's revenues came to EUR35.5 billion, representing 94.7% of the group's total revenues. The group sold 2,388,958 vehicles worldwide in 2003.

With an 11.1% market share in Western Europe, Renault continues to strengthen its top-ranking position on the combined passenger car + LCV market for the sixth year in a row. Renault also ranked as the leading passenger car brand for the second year running with a 10.6% market share

Financing division
The Sales Financing division is the Renault group's financial and commercial resource. It is comprised of RCI Banque and its subsidiaries, a total of sixty or so companies in all. In 2003, the sales financing business generated revenues of EUR1.99 billion for the group, representing 5.3% of total revenues

G.I.E. REGIENOV – Renault Recherce Innovation – acting on behalf of Renault and it´s subsidiaries, in particular RENAULT Sport (100% Renault) and SOMAC (100% Renault) is the official operator of the Renault Research Innovation Plan, under the responsibility of the RENAULT Research Division.

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