Fuel Cell Vehicle System Components

The objective of the project is the research on of low-cost components for fuel cell (FC-) systems and electric drive systems which can be used in future hybridised FC-vehicles (medium term objective) and ICE vehicles.

a European commission
funded project coordinated
by Daimler AG

Project partners - Suppliers

ATB Technologies GmbH (Austria)

visit websiteThe applicant, called ATB Technologies GmbH  is concerned for many years with the development and manufacturing of special electrical machines with an emphasis electrical powertrain.
By the completion of numerous projects with automotives industrial enterprise exists extensive experience on the area of electric drives for automotive applications.
ATB Technologies GmbH accomplished many work to this topic - there these modular
motor types will have a substantial meaning on future markets.
As important range of the employment of this new technology we see in particular
in automotives applications, as, fuell cell powertrains and hybrid powertrains.
These applications are already a completely substantial part in the development defaults of our customer master.
With our own developed calculation and computation software programs of electrical engine components, suitable engine topologies on basis of the rare RD high-energy magnets can be examined, developed and built.
New technologies are permanent magnet drives with concentrated winding technology.
By the employment of concentrated winding technology and intensive cooling, a significant increase of the torque density is reached.

This would be our contribution for design of new compact electrical powertrain within
HySYS project.


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