Fuel Cell Vehicle System Components

The objective of the project is the research on of low-cost components for fuel cell (FC-) systems and electric drive systems which can be used in future hybridised FC-vehicles (medium term objective) and ICE vehicles.

a European commission
funded project coordinated
by Daimler AG

Project partners - Suppliers

Bosch (Germany)

visit website With sales of approx. 36 billions Euro in 2003, Bosch is one of Germany’s largest industrial enterprise, with significant international presence. Bosch manufactures products at 249 locations, 185 of which are outside Germany. Accordingly, 71% of its sales were generated outside Germany.

At the beginning of 2004 a total workforce of some 232,000 were employed in the three business sectors Automotive Technology (65% sales contributions pro rata), Industrial Technology (11.9% sales contributions pro rata), and Consumer Goods and Building Technology (23,1% sales contributions pro rata). That are approx. 8,000 more than in the previous year. Bosch employs some 123,000 employees outside Germany. In 2003 Bosch employed 1,233 apprentices in Germany, and about 180 postgraduates were supporting in completing their doctoral degree. A large percentage of them retain with Bosch after having obtained their degree. Throughout the world, some 21,250 employees are involved in research and development for the Bosch Group. In 2003 Bosch invested almost 2,65 billion Euro for research and development, equivalent of 7,3% of sales. In 2003 alone, patent applications were made for more than 2,748 inventions. This makes Bosch the second largest patent applicant in Germany, and the third larges at the European Patent Office.

At Bosch, the relationship between environmental protection and entrepreneurial action is one of harmony. Environmental protection has been a corporate principle of the Bosch Group since 1973. It is equal in status to production quality and the economic efficiency of company activities. The Bosch Automotive division is organised in operational divisions. Two of these are Energy and Body Systems (EB) and Gasoline Systems (GS).

EB is developing, producing and marketing components and systems for the efficient production of energy, their intelligent distribution and reasonable usage in the car. Beginning 2004 a new cross-functional workgroup was founded: Competence Centre Hybrid Systems. With the target to offer components and services for hybrid systems to the car industry. Based on the large experience of all Bosch divisions as a background the development of special applications to hybrid vehicles has been started. Special focus is laid on the integration of different components in the whole system. These pre-conditions allow Bosch to make contributions to the field of fuel cell and hybrid cars.

GS is focused on the fuel-injection technology for combustion engines including fuel injectors, electric fuel pumps, throttle devices, sensors and electronic control units with control software. Additionally, over the past years natural gas injection valves for ICE have been developed. This knowledge is the valuable basis to contribute to air and hydrogen supply for the fuel cell (WP3100 and 3400) and to system architecture development (WP5300)

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